Skating lessons in English

23 stycznia 2024

Our instructors can also conduct skating lessons in English. Skating classes in English are available for both children and adults. If you wish we will help you at the ice rink, you can also rent skates. The ice skating lessons take place on the Torbyd ice rink (Lodowisko Torbyd, ul. Toruńska 59 Bydgoszcz).

Skating classes are for both beginners and advanced skaters. We have a lot of experience in conducting classes in English. 

1. Beginner (learning the correct posture on skates, push-off techniques, braking and turning, skating games for children to help them master the skating technique).
2. Intermediate (improving skating, skating backwards, improving braking, crossovers)
3. Figure skating (edges, pirouettes, transitions, learning jumps, crossovers backwards).

Don't hesitate, contact the instructor +48792146370 or email: